Welcome to Barley Monks Photography! My name is Nick, and I created Barley Monks to share my love of photography with other people and families.

I’m not going to bore you with talking about myself in the third person. I’d rather just be myself and hopefully by doing so you get more of an insight into who I am, and my photography style, which is fun, candid, creative, natural and modern.

If you’re thinking “Barley Monks… that’s a weird name…” then let me tell you how it came about. The name came from the nicknames I use for my kids. ‘Charlie Barley’ for my little girl and the boys are ‘Monkey’ or ‘Monks’. A family man at heart, it’s only fitting that my business name represents family.

So take a look around, see if you like what I’ve got to offer and if you do, I’d love to hear from you.

Contact Details

Barley Monks Photography
5 Damper Ave
Beaumont Hills,

Phone: 0405207899

Email: info@barleymonksphotography.com.au

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