Hey, I'm Nick 

I'm a father of 4 insane children and love it! Chaos is just the norm in our family, so much so that it feels weird if I'm not walking around the house with someone hitching a ride on my leg, or having my eye lids pushed open while I nap on the lounge to check if I'm actually asleep. I love the energy that comes from the chaos and that's why I love being able to capture it. 

Photography for me has been such a great way to be able to create those memories and seeing the look on other parents faces when they see their kids as they truly are is an awesome thing. Kids weren't meant to sit, behave and smile at the camera. That's not who they are... they're nuts! So I let them be nuts in my family photo sessions. I generally set up a few photos looking at the camera to begin with, but after about 5 minutes of that they generally want to break free, so I let them and actually encourage it. Just when you start to worry that the perfect family photo shoot you imagined isn't going to plan, that's when I find that the magic starts to happen.

Embrace the chaos …

Ha! Kids are fun aren’t they… except for when they’re not, but anyway this is Ayden, Charlotte, and Jacob. They love me capturing every moment of their life. Can't you tell?

Looking at this pic you'd think butter wouldn't melt in their mouth. Seriously though, they're pretty good kids... Except for the youngest Jake. I think he's probably destined to be a super-villain. Check out his evil laugh below.